Two Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing

Improve Your Golf Swing pic

Improve Your Golf Swing

A Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Anthony “Tony” Comorat serves as the wealth management director of Sabadell Investment Bank and Trust. When not managing the bank’s clients investment portfolio, Anthony Comorat enjoys working on his golf swing at GolfTec.

Improving your golf swing is the one sure way to hit those birdies. Here are two ways to do it:

Power long shots with your body. The power for a hard swing doesn’t come from your arms: It’s all from your body. To train yourself to power the club with your body, place the club just behind a golf ball at rest. From here, swing the club forward, sending the ball soaring into the air. Do this continuously without ever starting with a backswing. After a lot of practice, you’ll be able to get the ball soaring with just your body’s power.

Lower your hands at the finish. A short follow-through results in a lower shot, reducing the ball’s flight. Additionally, you can use a stronger club or an easier swing.


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