Three Mistakes Every Novice Guitarist Should Avoid

Guitar Grimoire pic

Guitar Grimoire

Anthony Comorat is the wealth management director at Sabadell Bank and Trust in North Palm Beach, Florida. Outside of his professional life, Anthony “Tony” Comorat enjoys playing acoustic and electric guitar.

There are numerous mistakes new guitar players often make, some that lead to bad habits that are hard to break. If you are a novice guitarist, avoid these three mistakes to help improve your playing and prevent any bad playing habits from sticking.

1. Poor Timing – It is understandable that while you are learning chords or a specific song, you might take your time and go slow, but staying on beat and keeping tempo is often challenging for newer players. Fortunately, a metronome offers a quick fix. If you do not want to buy a physical metronome, there are multiple apps and websites that offer digital versions of the device. Free metronomes are available online.

2. Forgetting to Tune Up – Many beginners find guitar tuning hard, and some do not even bother. Playing a song on a poorly tuned guitar is a bad idea because you do not learn how to properly identify in-tune and out-of-tune notes. It can also lead to self-doubt when you hear someone on an in-tune guitar play a song and it sounds way better than your version. While beginners might want a digital tuner, it pays to learn how to tune by ear.

3. Avoiding Music Theory – It might sound boring to sit down and learn music theory when all you want to do is rock out, but doing so can help you reach the next level of playing. Music theory teaches you about scales, tonality, key centers, chord structures, and how they all work together. Think of it like trying to write a novel without ever having taken an English class. Sure, you “know” English, but your casual understanding is nowhere near as deep as someone who has studied the subject. One of the classic books for beginners learning guitar is the Guitar Grimoires series.


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