Membership Types at the South Florida Shooting Club

Anthony M. Comorat – Wealth Management Expert and CFA in Palm Beach

Anthony Comorat

A wealth management director at Sabadell Bank and Trust, Anthony Comorat, CFA, manages high and ultra-high net worth client investment portfolios and manages changes to client objectives and tolerances. In his free time, Anthony “Tony” Comorat enjoys shooting sporting clays with his family at the South Florida Shooting Club.

One of Florida’s premier shooting destinations, the South Florida Shooting Club (SFSC) offers a wide variety of membership options to the community. The basic memberships that are available are individual, partner, family, and junior memberships. These membership options all grant access to SFSC grounds and amenities, along with invitations to SFSC championships and tournaments.

The most inexpensive membership option is the junior membership. This is available to individuals between the ages of 16 and 21 and costs $500. After that, SFSC offers the individual membership at $1,800, the husband and wife/partners membership at $2,900, and the family membership, which includes partners and two children under 21, for $3,500 per annum.

In addition to these basic membership types, the SFSC offers platinum and lifetime memberships. Both types have individual and family options. The platinum memberships cost $6,500 for individuals and $11,000 for families and grant members access to all SFSC grounds and amenities, priority registration for tournaments, and golf cart rentals and clays for daily shooting. Platinum members also receive discounts on services and tournament targets.

Lifetime members receive these same benefits, but they also get a free gun fitting and 10 hours of shooting instruction every year. These memberships cost $75,000 for individuals and $100,000 for families.